Zip File Origins

a computer

The creation of the zip file opened doors for people who wished to send large files or packets of documents. Prior to its creation, other compression methods ran the risk of ruining the integrity of the file contents. The zip file enables people to place a selection of documents in a folder, compress them down and send them through email. Read on to learn more.

Zip File Utilization


You can use zip files to prepare and extract documents of all kinds. Everything from photographs to digital artwork to documents all transport well while stored in a zip-compressed folder. You just need to use the right steps to prepare, send, and extract the files. From there, use them like normal. Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing process.

Zip File Programs


If you want to quickly and easily compress or extract zip files, consider downloading one of three great programs. WinZip, 7-Zip, and PeaZip all provide you with an awesome interface that makes compression and extraction a breeze. Simply follow the program's operation steps to prepare your files for shipment through email or extract files from other sources. Keep reading to learn about the functions of these great programs.

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